Affiliate Marketing Tips: My 3-Part Series

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Hello there, fellow crafty creators! I'm fixing to pull up stakes from TX and head to my new home in KY, but I wanted to follow up on my recent marketing videos posted to the Crafty Creators Channel.

I created an Affiliate Marketing Series with tips in using links, finding partner programs (such as Share-a-Sale), using Amazon Associate's Site Stripe, plus the basics such as disclosure statements. Please be sure to watch all 3 videos, comment your thoughts and personal experiences, as well as share with anyone you feel might benefit from the information.

Marketing Tips #1: Are Affiliate Links Allowed on YouTube?

Marketing Tips #2: How to Use the Amazon Associates Site Stripe

Affiliate Marketing Tips #3: Disclosure Statements

Affiliate marketing is no longer stigmatized as scammy and spammy, mainly because internet usage and online shopping have become so mainstream now. Also, links to products or services have become expected as a convenience for potential shoppers, especially the audience of review blogs or vloggers.

Whether you write about items or services that you use or you demonstrate products on a video platform, affiliate marketing is a brilliant opportunity for content creators to build passive income using alternative revenue streams like affiliates rather than being solely reliant on monetization through advertising at YouTube and/ or company sponsorships.

Passive income simply means these are opportunities to increase your revenue with a minimal amount of effort beyond the original setup or creation phase. Affiliate marketing through links, applying for monetization at YouTube, becoming an Amazon Associate and/ or setting up an Influencer shop, publishing books, and creating digital downloads are all examples of this.

The key to affiliate marketing, however, is not the amount of link dumping that you can do, but rather the sincerity of your recommendations through personal experience with whatever is being linked. If your audience can't trust that what you are linking to is something you've personally evaluated, then they will be less likely to trust your authority on anything and will go elsewhere for more credible reviews. This, however, does not mean that you can't give an honest opinion which may contain negative aspects of a product. That would then present you with the opportunity to cross-promote to a positive review of something similar that you found more beneficial and effective. There are many ways to give accurate information and recommendations, but just be honest.

Below are some helpful items (*referred by my affiliate links) that I've discovered on my path to affiliate marketing, which I believe you will find value in as you begin building a passive income stream.

*Full Affiliate Disclosure Statement

At no cost to you, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the other links mentioned are also my affiliate links, which I may earn a small commission if clicked or purchased. These referral fees help to support my channel, content creation, website fees, etc. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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